ALTIMATE: The Precision Psychiatry Company

The Leader in Precision Psychiatry

Altimate builds the world’s leading software for data-driven insights and decisions in psychiatry, behavioral and mental health.

Our decision support tools transform the treatment of mental health conditions by identifying people at risk even before they seek treatment, matching patients to the therapies most likely to work, using objective data to measure and guide treatments, and improving the effectiveness of existing and emerging therapeutic options in behavioral health and psychiatry.

Our unique approach to improving outcomes in behavioral health combines insights from modern neuroscience, data analytics, health economics, and consumer behavior to understand and act on the uniqueness of each person.

For Health Insurance and Workers Compensation Companies

Seven percent of the full time US workforce experienced major depression this past year. Ineffectively treated depression costs healthcare payers between $29 billion and $48 billion every year; undiagnosed or ineffectively treated patients cost four times more in annual payor healthcare expenditures. Workers with ineffectively treated depression miss thirty more days of work per year than those in effective treatment. Altimate’s solutions will help you proactively identify patients at risk for depression and other behavioral health disorders, so they can be referred for diagnosis and effective treatment.

For Physicians and Other Providers

At Altimate we believe that we can make psychiatric care more personalized and patient-centric. In the US healthcare system, primary care is the front line in treating behavioral health disorders. But primary care physicians typically do not have the time or training to diagnose complex conditions, and as a practical matter rely on a few trusted medications out of the over one hundred available. Altimate’s solutions will help guide the course of treatment most likely to be effective for each patient. Saving not just the cost of ineffective treatments and co-morbidities, but the human suffering associated with misdiagnosed or incorrectly treated conditions.

About Altimate

Altimate was founded on the premise that advances in neuroscience could be applied today to make a difference in clinical patient care. Our team has over thirty years of experience in diverse areas including neuroscience research, healthcare and laboratory services, medical devices for neurological disease, and computational physics. Some of us have dealt first-hand with the challenges of mental health disorders.

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