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Tackling the Toughest Problems in Mental Health

Mental Health Care is in Crisis!  

COVID has made obvious that mental health conditions are pervasive, expensive, and inadequately treated.

  • One in every seven American workers has clinical depression, and one in ten has a substance use disorder. With COVID these numbers have increased by 25-40%.
  • Ineffectively treated depression costs healthcare payers up to $48 billion annually.
  • Patients with untreated depression and/or addiction cost $17,000 per year in payer healthcare expenditures, four times more than average.
  • Workers with diagnosed but untreated depression miss 30 more days of work per year than those in treatment, with an estimated economic burden of $44 billion.

Telehealth and digital companion apps have helped with the COVID mental health surge but does not fully replace all face-to-face care. There are only 41,000 practicing psychiatrists and 106,000 psychologists in the US, for an estimated 46M adults with mental health conditions. For patients that don’t respond to first line therapies, for whom therapy alone is ineffective, or with complex and/or treatment resistant conditions, online video and apps are not enough.

Altimate Health is building the decision support tools that providers and payors need to manage the complex behavioral patients who are suffering the most, cost the most to care for, and put the largest burden on their families, their employers, the communities they live in, and themselves.

About Altimate

Altimate was founded on the premise that advances in neuroscience could be applied today to make a difference in clinical patient care. Our team has over thirty years of experience in diverse areas including neuroscience research, healthcare and laboratory services, medical devices for neurological disease, and computational physics. Some of us have dealt first-hand with the challenges of mental health disorders.

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