ALTIMATE HEALTH: The Precision Psychiatry Company

Digitally-Enabled Solutions for the Toughest Problems in Mental Health

Altimate Health is committed to improving the lives of people with serious psychiatric and behavioral health conditions, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and comorbid behavioral health and substance use disorders.

Telehealth and digital apps have helped with the COVID mental health surge but do not replace all face-to-face care. There are only 41,000 practicing psychiatrists and 106,000 psychologists in the US, for an estimated 46M adults with mental health conditions. For patients that don’t respond to first line therapies, for whom therapy alone is ineffective, or with complex and/or treatment resistant conditions, online video and apps are not enough.

Altimate Health is building data-driven solutions for providers and payors to manage the complex behavioral patients who are suffering the most, cost the most, and put the largest burden on their families, their employers, the communities they live in, and themselves. Our unique approach to improving outcomes in behavioral health combines insights from modern neuroscience, data analytics, health economics, and consumer behavior to understand and act on the uniqueness of each person.

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