Tackling the Toughest Problems in Mental Health

Our product pipeline focuses on some of the most challenging conditions in brain and mental health.

For opioid use disorder, we are developing decision support systems to assist providers managing outpatient treatment programs. Using only data already in the electronic health record system, we calculate quantitative measures to guide therapy decisions and flag patients at high risk for imminent relapse, so that a targeted intervention can be made to reduce the risk of overdose.

For treatment resistant depression, we are developing methods using biological and non-biological data to identify which patients will respond to second-line therapies, improving individual outcomes by adjusting patient-specific treatment parameters, and assessing treatment effectiveness.


Product Therapeutic Area Clinical Benefit Discovery Proof of Concept Development and Validation
ALT-ADX-001 Opioid use disorder Prevent relapse and overdose in outpatient treatment COMPLETE COMPLETE ONGOING
ALT-DMD-001 Depression Precision targeting and dosing of second line treatments ONGOING    
ALT-DMD-002 Depression Early diagnosis of specific high-risk sub-populations ONGOING