Substance Use Disorders

Substance misuse disorders – including alcohol, illicit drugs, and tobacco – affect over forty million Americans. It is the number one cause of accidental death in the USA, and ten percent of the US workforce has a serious alcohol or drug addiction. During COVID, the rate of drug overdoses has increased 42% from an already high baseline. And even modest use of alcohol, marijuana, or prescribed medications can have a serious impact on patients dealing with other behavioral health conditions. Substance use disorders, especially in combination with other behavioral health conditions, will be the largest, most expensive health crisis of the next decade.

Altimate is developing data-driven decision support systems to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of substance use disorder, especially in patients with other behavioral health and psychiatric disorders.

Our first product in this area, for outpatient opioid treatment, uses both clinical data and behavioral indicators to give clinicians a quantitative assessment of how a patient is responding to treatment. It also flags patients at high risk for an imminent relapse event, when a preventive intervention can still be made. Serious adverse events due to relapse are the largest driver of excess costs and poor outcomes in addiction medicine.