Substance Use Disorders

Forty million Americans are clinically addicted to alcohol, drugs, or tobacco. Substance misuse is the number one cause of accidental death in the USA, and ten percent of the US workforce has a serious alcohol or drug addiction. During COVID, the rate of drug overdoses has increased 42% from an already high baseline. And even modest use of alcohol, marijuana, or prescribed medications can have tremendously disproportionate impact on patients dealing with other behavioral health conditions.

Substance use disorders, especially in combination with other behavioral health conditions, are the largest, most expensive health crisis of the next decade.

Altimate is leading the development of data-driven decision support systems to improve the early identification and personalized evidence-based care of these patients. Our first product, for opioid use disorder, we are developing decision support systems to assist providers managing outpatient treatment programs. Using only data already in the electronic health record system, we calculate quantitative measures to guide therapy decisions and flag patients at high risk for imminent relapse, so that a targeted intervention can be made to reduce the risk of overdose.

Other areas of interest are data-driven tools for alcohol use disorder, and decision support systems for managing polypharmacy in patients with serious psychiatric conditions and co-morbid substance use disorders.