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On the Origins of Altimate

We founded Altimate on the belief that advances in neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and raw computing power had reached the point where we could really apply data science to behavioral health disorders, with the vision of making precision psychiatry a reality.

We define precision psychiatry as the right treatment for the right person at the right time. Let’s face it, psychiatry is hard. Every patient is a unique combination of genetics, physiology, psychological and social factors that interact in complex and sometimes non-obvious ways. But we believe that with the right insights and the judicious use of data science we can begin to figure this out.

We are not developing “apps”. We are developing a sophisticated analytics engine, combining insights from neuroscience, psychiatry, and artificial intelligence, which will be used to roll out products for health systems, hospitals, and individual physicians, to help guide treatment decisions based on what is most likely to work for each individual.

We have three guiding principles. The first is that we need to look at ALL potential sources of information that we can. This includes genetics, the brain’s electrical activity, lab testing, information in medical records, family and social determinants. We can’t look at these factors in isolation. Physicians need to look at the whole patient, and so do we.

The second principle is that to have the maximum impact and to make sure our systems can scale, we need to engage health insurance companies early in the development, validation, and deployment of our products. And the responses we have had so far have been tremendous. They have told us that if we can identify and get patients to the right therapies quickly, we can not only help save money on wasted on unnecessary and ineffective treatments, we can save a lot of people from needless suffering.

The third principle is that Altimate isn’t just about data analytics. Although data informs our products, these product ultimately need to help the physician and the patient.

Imagine if a primary care physician knew before a patient’s annual check-up that the person right in front of him likely had undiagnosed depression. And imagine that instead of just prescribing an SSRI and waiting two months to see what happens, that physician shared with the patient a personalized course of treatment based on the best data and other insights available.

At Altimate, our vision is to put the treatment of behavioral health on a science and data-driven basis, ultimately enabling more patient-centric care. Now is the right time to begin to make precision psychiatry a reality. We invite you to join us in this journey.

American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting 2020

Members of our team will be attending the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting this year, being held in Philadelphia on April 25 to April 29.

More information about the meeting HERE. To set up a meeting with us, please contact us by EMAIL.

Neurotech Investing & Partnering Conference 2020

We are excited and honored to be invited to the Neurotech Investing & Partnering Conference, held in Boston this year on May 5 and 6. You can see us presenting on the Next Generation Psychiatry panel. More information on the conference HERE.