For Healthcare Insurers and Other Payors

Seven percent of the full time US workforce experienced major depression (MDD) this past year. Ineffectively treated depression costs healthcare payers between $29 billion and $48 billion every year; undiagnosed or ineffectively treated patients cost four times more in annual payor healthcare expenditures. Workers with ineffectively treated depression miss thirty more days of work per year than those in effective treatment.

Altimate Health gives you the solutions you need to identify and effectively treat these patients. Our solutions:

• Identify covered lives that may have unidentified and costly behavioral health conditions

• Give primary care the tools and confidence to treat these patients effectively

• Give your psychiatric team advanced, neuroscience-based solutions to identify therapies for those difficult to treat patients that may still not have optimal treatments even after years of consultation

We are looking for a few health plans and workers compensation companies to help us bring the first generation of these tools to market. You can contact us by email to start a dialogue.

[Page Updated November 9, 2019]